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Story Of A Lonely Guy

Story Of A Lonely Guy

Peer into my soul a little bit. If you see something you like, just take it...
Muh Facebook!

Muh Band(Opus99)!

Thigh highs



Yes please

On girls with thick thighs

multicoloredmirrors asked: Hey, I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I’m here if you need to talk or vent! If you feel like you need to talk to someone else please at least talk to someone. There are plenty of chat services online or you could try calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. I know we don’t really know each other well, but I thought I should let you know that I’m here if it helps just a little.


Thank you. I’m just being stupid. And fucking lame. My girlfriend(now ex I guess) moved to California, and I’m in Virginia. And I just can’t get her out of my head, and I just wish she’d come home, even though that’ll never happen.


replacing my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less

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the only photo set that actually matters on this stupid website

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